Block Twenty-Nine: 6500 Hollywood Boulevard
Agnes Ayres Actor
Alfred Hitchcock Director
Maurice Costello Actor
Lois Weber Director, Actor, Producer
Hobart Bosworth Actor
Lewis Stone Actor
Alan Hale Actor, Director
Louise Dresser Actor
Block Thirty: 6542 Vine Street
Evelyn Brent Actor
Zasu Pitts Actor, Comedian
Olga Petrova Actor, Writer
Sidney Franklin Director, Producer
H.B. Warner Actor
Burton Holmes Actor, Producer
Annette Kellermann Actor, Swimmer
Ford Sterling Comedian
Gilda Gray Actress, Dancer
Alice Terry Actor
Charlie Chase Actor, Director
Neil Hamilton Actor
Norma Shearer Actor
Michael Curtiz Director
Eddie Cantor Actor, Singer
George Arliss Actor
Block Thirty-One: 6650 Hollywood Boulevard
Bessie Barriscale Actor
Esther Ralston Actor
Block Thirty-Two: 6700 Hollywood Boulevard
Thomas A. Edison Inventor, Producer
Mack Sennett Director, Actor, Producer
Sam Wood Director
Mabel Taliaferro Actor
Block Thirty-Three: 6724 Hollywood Boulevard
Norman Kerry Actor
Anita Stewart Actor
Gilbert Roland Actor
Gloria Swanson Actor, Producer
Elsie Janis Actor
Joseph Schildkraut Actor
Block Thirty-Four: 6800 Hollywood Boulevard
Erich von Stroheim Director, Actor
Adolphe Menjou Actor
Louise Glaum Actor
Buck Jones Actor, Director
Pearl White Actor
Fred Thomson Actor
Marguerite De La Motte Actor
Jean Harlow Actor
James Cruze Director, Producer
Max Factor Make-up Artist
Eleanor Boardman Actor
Carole Lombard Actor
Ethel Clayton Actor

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