Block Twenty-Three: 1501 Vine Street
Harold Lloyd Actor
Alice White Actor
Belle Bennet Actor
Harey Carey Actor
Edith Storey Actor
Jack Pickford Actor
Louis Lumiere Pioneer, Inventor, Director, Producer
Lina Basquette Actor
Richard Rowland Producer
Virginia Cherrill Actor
Colleen Moore Actor
Mary Brian Actor
Block Twenty-Four: 1601 Vine Street
Renee Adoree Actor
Bud Abbot Comedian
Theodore Kosloff Actor, Dancer
Adolph Zukor Executive
Marcus Loew Executive
Barbara LaMarr Actor
Rin-Tin-Tin Dog
Sidney Blackmer Actor
Samuel Goldwyn Producer
Louis B. Mayer Executive, Producer
Sue Carol Actor, Agent
Dolores Costello Actor
Sessue Hayakawa Actor
David Powell Actor
Ben Turpin Comedian
Francis X. Bushman Actor
Broncho Billy Anderson Actor, Director, Producer
Constance Talmadge Actor
Rex Ingram Director
Hank Mann Comedian
Block Twenty-Five: 6302 Hollywood Boulevard
Polly Moran Actor
Marguerite Clark Actor
Frank Borzage Director
King Baggot Actor, Director
Nita Naldi Actor
Mae Murray Actor
August Lumiere Pioneer, Inventor, Producer, Director
William Farnum Actor
Marion Davies Actor
Darryl Zanuck Executive, Producer
Carlyle Blackwell Actor
William Collier Actor, Writer
Block Twenty-Six: 6350 Hollywood Boulevard
Ramon Novarro Actor
Dorothy Phillips Actor, Producer
Block Twenty-Seven: 6370 Hollywood Boulevard
Robert Z. Leonard Director
Laura LaPlante Actor
Block Twenty-Eight: 6400 Hollywood Boulevard
Marlene Dietrich Actor
Beatrice Lillie Comedian
Alma Rubens Actor
Lewis J. Selznick Executive
Adela Rogers St. John Journalist, Author, Screenwriter
Lou Costello Comedian

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