Marion Davies

Unbelievable as it now seems, this Georgian-style, 110-room estate was the "summer cottage" of actress Marion Davies.

Built in 1926, the house boasted a dining room from an Irish estate that seated 25; 55 bathrooms; 37 fireplaces, some over 250 years old; a gold room furnished in gold leaf; crystal chandeliers from Tiffany's; a ballroom from a 1750 Venetian palazzo; and in the basement a real Elizabethan British public house that seated 50, complete with a bar. With over 750 feet of frontage, the "cottage" was built at a cost of nearly $7,000,000.

Demolished in June 1956, the only remaining structures are the North Guest House and the pool with its Venetian bridge. (Now open to the public!)

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