Chatter Culled on the Spot, or, Visiting the New Selznick Studio

Constance Talmadge in "The Honeymooners"

Does 175th Street conjure up anything in your mind? No! Well, it does in mine. Never shall I hear the figure 175 without reliving a nightmare. Fresh in New York, green as grass was I, when I made up my mind that I was going to visit the Selznick studio in search of interviews to rehabilitate my quickly vanishing exchequer. Now, as my little studio directory informed me, the Selnick studio is located at 807 East 175th Street.

If I inquired of one person, I did of a million (poetic license), including policemen, car conductors, elevated officials. All of them muttered something in my untrained ear about "You'll have to take the Bumb-Spark Express," which meant nothing in my young life. I decided not to question farther and show my ignorance of the big Town.

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