Block Fifteen: 6211 Hollywood Boulevard
Marie Prevost Actor
Henry B. Walthall Actor
Sam Warner Producer
Block Sixteen: 6100 Hollywood Boulevard
House Peters Actor
Helen Ferguson Actor
Tallulah Bankhead Actor
Raoul Walsh Actor, Director
Charles "Buddy" Rogers Actor
Virginia Valli Actor
William Wellman Director
Pauline Starke Actor
Johnny Mack Brown Actor
William deMille Director, Screenwriter
Bill Boyd Actor
Block Seventeen: 6100 Hollywood Boulevard
Will Hays Censor
Sigmund Lubin Producer
Anita Page Actor
William Selig Studio Owner
Raymond Griffith Actor, Producer
Karl Dane Actor
Nazimova Actor, Producer
Block Eighteen: 6150 Hollywood Boulevard
Anna Q. Nilsson Actor
Jeanie MacPherson Screenwriter
Ina Claire Actor
Rudolph Valentino Actor
Block Nineteen: 6200 Hollywood Boulevard
William Seiter Director
Block Twenty: 6250 Hollywood Boulevard
Ruth Roland Actor
Thelma Todd Actor
Mary Pickford Actor, Executive
Janet Gaynor Actor
Monte Blue Actor
Warner Baxter Actor
Block Twenty-One: 1680 Vine Street
Jackie Coogan Actor
Hal Roach Director, Actor, Producer, Screewriter
John Ford Director
William Powell Actor
Dolores Del Rio Actor
Estelle Taylor Actor
Richard Dix Actor
Mae Marsh Actor
Fritz Lang Director
Madge Kennedy Actor
Block Twenty-Two: 1560 Vine Street
Mervyn Le Roy Director, Producer, Writer, Actor
Chester Conklin Actor
Rod La Rocque Actor
Corinne Griffith Actor, Writer, Producer
Yakima Canutt Stuntman
Dorothy Arzner Director
Ricardo Cortez Actor
Clara Bow Actor
Norma Talmadge Actor, Producer
Mack Swain Comedian
B.P. Schulberg Producer
Helene Costello Actor
Oliver Hardy Comedian, Director

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