January, 1918: Kathlyn Williams

Who doesn't remember that first great serial, "The Adventures of Kathlyn," whose heroine was Kathlyn Williams, lately a Selig star — now with the Morosco forces?

And who will ever forget the first ride in a Hudson Super-Six? We are sole agents for this city.

February, 1918: Ormi Hawley

The famous Metro star, is blond, gray-eyed, and with a personality as radiant as it is charming. She is best known for her emotional work in society plays.

We are best known for the wonderful work we do in our vulcanizing department. It is to your advantage to try us.

March, 1918: Billie Rhodes

Petite, dark-eyed and twenty-one, Billie Rhodes is "reely" one of the most clever of all the clever people working in Nestor comedies for the Universal people.

Automobile driving is one of her chief pastimes. If she resided in this city she would be one of the first purchasers of a Hudson Super-Six from Haines & Thompson.

April, 1918: Bessie Barriscale

is a fascinating a versatile star of many Triangle productions. Her first pronounced success before the public was in "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Path."

Our pronounced success in the garage business comes from the fact of our responsibility, both personally and financially. We can always make good.

May, 1918: Mary Miles Minter

"Little Mary," as she is affectionately known the world over, is about fourteen years old. Her stage career began at the age of five. She is now working for Metro., and is one of the "starriest" stars in the film firmament.

The Hudson Super-Six is the "Starriest star" in the automobile world firmament. Let us give you a demonstration today.

June, 1918: Dorothy Gish

She doesn't shine in her sister Lillian's reflected glory, but is a complete star all on her own account, as the Triangle forces are cheerfully willing to admit. She made her debut at the age of four, and is about eighteen now.

Everyone is cheerfully willing to admit that we have the most complete line of automobile accessories ever shown in a city of this size. No matter what you desire in the line of general supplies, you are almost sure to find it here.

July, 1918: Helen Holmes

is the heroine of more railroad dramas than any star in existence. She can drive a locomotive, an automobile, or a horse. Her specialty is producing "thrillers" for the Mutual programme.

Our specialty is summed up in two words, "Service" and "Confidence." Everyone who deals with us has both.

August, 1918: Ella Hall

worked under David Griffith, the famous director, for over two years, and is now playing in ingenue leads for the Universal folks. Much of her best work has been done opposite Robert Leonard.

You can find some of the best work we do in our repair department. Competent and efficient workmen and reasonable prices.

September, 1918: Florence Dagmar

stars in the Lasky Film Company on the Paramount programme. She is considered one of the most beautiful women in the photo-dramatic world.

We are considered the foremost automobile repair house in this section of the State. "You get what you want when you want it."

October, 1918: Norma Talmadge

was born at Niagara Falls, and now a larger number of people want to see her each year than gaze upon that nature's wonder at her birthplace. And when you look at her you say to yourself, "no wonder."

When you are about to buy a car you say to yourself, "To whom shall I entrust this important commission?" and the answer is always, Haines & Thompson.

November, 1918: Grace Cunard

is famous the world over for her picture plays opposite Francis Ford. She starred in the Biograph, then went with Lubin, Kay-Bee, Universal, and late rumors say that she is going with —?

Her hobby is motoring — probably in a Hudson Super-Six. We sell them.

December, 1918: Anita Stewart

Wonderful Anita, star of stars, heroine of many a Vitagraph drama, is, at twenty, considered one of the world's most beautiful women.

Wonderful Hudson Super-Six automobile of automobiles, is, at the age of two years, considered the world's most beautiful car. What a triumph! Call and see one.

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