Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Had No Idea

File this under the, "Well, what do you know!" category:

I ran into this bit of interesting history while reading a New York Times article about Ayn Rand. Never having been a big reader of/about Rand, I did not know that at one time she was a scriptwriter in Hollywood:

"She was born in 1905 in Russia. Her life changed overnight when the Bolsheviks broke into her father’s pharmacy and declared his livelihood the property of the state. She fled the Soviet Union in 1926 and arrived later that year in Hollywood, where she peered through a gate at the set where the director Cecil B. DeMille was filming a silent movie, “King of Kings.”

He offered her a ride to the set, then a job as an extra on the film and later a position as a junior screenwriter. She sold several screenplays and intermittently wrote novels that were commercial failures, until 1943, when fans of “The Fountainhead” began a word-of-mouth campaign that helped sales immensely. "


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